CDS SOLAR CHINA is the Top 10 EPC Companies in CHINA and we do have our own Lifepo4 battery cells and LFP battery packs factory、on grid inverter factory、off grid inverter factory 、on&off grid inverter(hybird inverter)factory and solar tracker factory.

EPC Project

EPC company mainly undertakes the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of solar power station(solar plant), solar tracker power station, solar energy storage power station, and other solar power stations with new energy vehicle charging functions. The engineering and construction contractor will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to their clients. Companies that deliver EPC Projects are commonly referred to as EPC Contractors. We provide customers with one-stop service and turnkey projects.

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Lifepo4 Battery

Our own Lifepo4 battery cells and LFP battery packs factory is the professional solar power storage factory in China and we have already cost 5 billion RMB to built the world’s most advanced unmanned full automatic LFP battery production line with 500 workers and engineers in China. We have the most advanced BMS and PCS technology in the world. We are the designated supplier of the Chinese government and China mobile. In 2021 we will build the second unmanned fully automatic LFP battery production line to meet the soaring global demand.

Solar Tracker

CDS SOLAR is a professional solar tracker system manufacturer which owns up to more than ten years of experience in solar plant design. The solar tracker production factory covers an area of 100000 square meters with a production capacity of 1GW per year. CDS Solar has more than 30 patents for the solar tracker, making us one of the leaders in the Chinese solar tracker market. Our products have windproof, snowproof, rainproof, anti-tracking, dual backup, and other proprietary technologies. In 2019 the solar tracking export sales in the United States is Number One in Chinese manufacturer.

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We have the world’s top team of engineers to develop and manufacture on-grid inverter, off-grid inverter, and on&off grid inverter(hybird inverter). Our products have been certified by UL, TUV, CE, SGS, and the local certification, and have already been exported to more than 180 countries. We can provide OEM, ODM, OBM service to the customer around the world.

By 2019, CDS Solar has already established a total of 5GW+ ground and rooftop solar power stations and solar plants worldwide.

Why should I buy from U?

Professional Team

The professional solar energy power station and solar tracker system engineer team own up to more than ten years of experience in solar plant design.

Design For Free

Based on customer-provided information and requirements such as site condition, CDS Solar will give out an ideal proposal and quotation after carrying out a thoughtful and professional design.

Long Warranty

LFP battery (5000 cycles 90% DOD): 5 years+5 years=10 years warranty grid inverter(Hybrid inverter):5 years warranty Solar PV panels & Fixed brackets: 25 years warranty

Full Of Services

We will provide customers with designing, manufacturing, delivery, transportation and on-site project guidance installation, on-site project commissioning. One-stop service and Turnkey project

Efficient Servicec

We will provide you with a full range of programs and quotations within 24 hours in work days for free.

One to one exclusive manual customer service

7 days*24hours service in WhatsApp or Wechat

Mission, Vision, Values


When we saw African people using low-quality products. We solemnly promise to customers all over the world that “CDS Solar China will do our best to provides cost-effective products and services to help the people around the world to get the green light and solar energy for free

CDS SOLAR CEO Daniel visit the Mail government to discuss the 50MW solar power station in 2019

Every product you buy here will have the US $0.1 to fund youth health and development in Africa. We would like to express our sincere thanks to you for the youth in Africa.

CDS Solar Funds Youth Football League in Africa.

Official certification

Our Awards

CDS SOLAR CEO Daniel took part in China Science and technology competition in 2019,2020 and won the highest science and technology award.

We have our own store on Alibaba International Station, the world’s largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform. Here you can find more products about CDS Solar Energy

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TUV Certification

We have our own store on Alibaba International Station, the world’s largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform. Here you can find more products about CDS Solar Energy

Our Team

We love life. We organize various activities and take part in the sports meet every year. We are full of passion and we hold a birthday party for every employee.

Global market layout

For solar EPC companies, large-scale solar energy companies, small-scale solar energy companies

We will provide you with free design scheme and quotation, on-site installation guidance, on-site installation and debugging, bidding service, one-stop service, turnkey project, financing and loan service for more than 30 million US dollars solar energy project.

For agents and distributors

In addition to the above services, we will also provide you with free publicity materials design, free official website construction, free remote training, free sales system establishment support services. At the same time, you will enjoy exclusive one-to-one sales engineer and technical engineer services.

With the accelerating process of globalization, global carbon emissions are serious, and the global climate is warming. The Chinese government has made a solemn commitment to the world in 2021, and the Chinese government will achieve carbon neutrality in 2060. Therefore, we sincerely invite solar EPC companies, large-scale solar energy companies, small-scale solar energy companies, agents, and distributors from all over the world who are determined to engage in the clean and green solar energy business. We hope you can be a partner with CDs solar.

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