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1kW 2kW 3kW On Grid Solar Inverter For Home Use

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Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 26 × 11.5 mm

R1 Baby Series

Rated AC Power

1100W, 2200W, 3300W, 3680W

Rated AC Voltage/Range





RS485 or WIFI or GPRS

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Product Details:

1.Flexible and Efficient
a.Optimized global MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency higher than 99.5%
b.Asymmetric dual MPPT which are compatible with all kinds of solar roofs
c.Max. efficiency of 98.0%, European efficiency of 97.6%
d.Super wide input voltage range(150V-1000V), supporting all varieties of solar panels and string designs
e.With reduced derating

2.Convenient Installation
a.Transformerless, smaller and lighter
b.AC output quick connector design, for faster installation
c.Specialized mounting design, easy to install

3.Smart and Easy to Use
a.One-button safety setting, easy configuration of all parameters
b.Built-in independent RTC chip, supporting data storage of 25 years
c.Integrated LCD graphical display, showing daily/monthly/yearly generating capacity
d.Integrated RS232 / Wi-Fi interfaces, for improved communica€tion
e.Free monitoring anytime anywhere
f.Local and remote intelligent maintenance by PC, IOS, and Android devices
g.Responds to power grid dispatching, energy management of micro-grids
h.Integrated with the function of reactive adjusting

4.Safe and Reliable
a.IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor installation
b.Aluminum case design to enhance heat dissipation and prevent rust corrosion, prolong the lifetime
c.Built-in high voltage DC switch for safer maintenance and application
d.Built-in convective fans to lower the temperature of core components, prolong the lifetime
e.Natural convection for longer life

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