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Easy Installation High Reliability Single Axis Solar Tracker For Panels Structure

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10 years on structural components, 5 years on drive and control systems.


HDG Steel & Anodized Aluminum

Solar Tracking Method

Algorithm With GPS Input

Data Feed

RS485 / Modbus RTU

Control Electronics


Power Consumption

0.08 kWh/D


Can be customized according to customer needs

More details can be obtained by asking for a quote

Product Details:

CDS Solar is a Chinese High-tech company in the market of solar research and development, which has a great business sense and rich experience of product development. CDS Solar could provide clients with a solar tracker and provide customers with one-stop technical services of photovoltaic power plant design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Our products and services have won the trust and friendship of many governments and companies all over the world

CDS Tracker Functions:

  1. Back-Tracking:Intelligent tracker will automatically track the sun’s position, and automatically avoid shading to increase power generation.
  2. Storm Protection:Tracker will automatically switch to storm protection mode after receiving the wind speed from the sensor to ensure plant safety.
  3. Dust-Proof:The only tracker with active dust-proof function in the world could save more than 2/3 of the cost for cleaning plant.
  4. Rain Mode :Tracker will automatically switch to rain mode after receiving the sensor’s information to ensure plant safety.
  5. Snow Mode :Tracker will automatically switch to snow mode after receiving the information from the sensor to ensure the safety of the plant.


CDS Solar is committed to providing high-performance products and excellent technical consulting service, to lead and promote the progress of the industry, to create new energy and internet of things company whose annual output value reaches one billion, to improve the utilization efficiency of solar energy, to reduce the cost of energy usage, to become world-class new energy enterprises in the world.

CDS Solar tracker efficient structural design uses less steel than conventional trackers, with fewer parts and quicker installation. You won’t need drive shafts or extra cabling to power the tracker, speeding the process up even further. Tracker is self-grounded, so you won’t have to pay costs and labor for installing grounding washers, braided straps, bare copper wire, and grounding rods. Furthermore, zero weldings are required. Once installed, the tracker is easy to service. Because the row is not linked with a drive shaft, maintenance vehicles can freely drive through the arrays. Plus, module cleaning and vegetation management become quick and effortless.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@cds-solar.com”

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@cds-solar.com”