Two-stage constant power electric car charging pile with double gun

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Rated AC Power

200kW, 240kW, 270kW, 300kW

Enclosure Rating


Input Voltage


Input Frequency


Connector Interface


Connector Communication Mode

In accordance with DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 standard

Platform Communication


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Product Details:


DC integrated charger is composed of charging module, power interface,  charging interface, protection module, control module, measuring module, HMI, cabinet and etc.

Charging management function, HMI can display charging mode, charging current, charging voltage, charging time, and account information.

The charger can dynamically adjust the charging mode according to BMS charging voltage and current character. The charging output is adjusted by the request of BMS, when the charging current requested is larger than the current output range in constant power charging mode, the charging current should output according to the maximum allowable current value of the charger.

Intelligent power distribution function, in case of fault of the individual module, the module can be separated without affecting the normal operation of the charger.

The charger meets the relevant CE certification requirements and the charging connector meets the CCS2 requirements. The charger could support a variety of background management platforms.

Relevant Standards

◇ IEC 61851 Electric vehicle conductive charging system

◇ IEC 62196 Plugs, socket-outlets, vehicle connectors, and vehicle inlets-Conductive charging of electric vehicles

◇ DIN 70121 Electromobility-Digital communication between a d.c. EV charging station and an electric vehicle for control of d.c. charging in the Combined Charging System

◇ ISO 15118 Road vehicles—Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface

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