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The world’s highest standard tracker PV power station

7.8 MW HZ-SC80  tracker PV power project

Naousa, a small town in northern Greece, with beautiful blue and clear sky. But for CDS SOLAR, it was beginning of a battle to keep running with time under tight schedule of commissioning the project for clients.

It was the single-axis tracker project. The capacity of project was 7.8MW divided into 2 lots of land, east and west. We provided end-to-end “Design to Delivery” tracking solution which includes complete design, fabrication, manufacturing process of tracker and construction.

CDS SOLAR met the entire requirements of installation related to land profile, soil condition, power evacuation, inverters, array layout, communication and environmental impact etc., through analyzing various options and finally offering the tailor-made solution meeting the objectives in most cost-effective and timely manner.

The installation began on 20th September with 23 engineers from CDS SOLAR to lead 180 workers who were divided into 2 teams, equally for each lot of land. Though, the distance was quite long between 2 lots, the coordination and material distribution among teams was excellently managed and planned. Light machinery was used for faster installation and reduction of manpower. Ramming post foundation with concrete provided wider tolerance for wind. In just 90 days, the tracker structure installation and cabling work got completed.

With all the challenges beginning from designing of layout to finalizing the installation, CDS SOLAR was able to stay ahead of the time schedule along with strict quality control and zero damage to panels or any accidents. High appraisal has been received by CDS SOLAR from customer.

When we looked from a mountain towards the shining panels, it seemed that Zeus, the lord of the sky in Greek mythology, is blessing and giving green energy to this small part of planet.

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