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4 MW HCPV  Dual-Axis Tracker project

The owner of the power plant is HUANGHE HYDROPOWER DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. The project consists of 435 HCPV-500 systems mounted on 435 units CDS SOLAR dual-axis tracking systems.

The plant site is in Golmud, Qinghai province in western China which is ideal for deployment of HCPV technology because of high Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI). Golmud has a plateau continental climate, with long, cold winters, and cool summers. The mean monthly temperature drops to 9.1 °C (15.6 °F) in January and rises to 17.9 °C (64 °F) in July, averaging 5.28 °C (41.5 °F) for the year. Precipitation is very low, totaling only 42 millimeters (1.65 in) per annum. Relative humidity averages only 32%, and due to this aridity, the area is one of the sunniest in China, with nearly 3358 hours of sunshine per year.

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