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Are Solar Batteries Worth It?

Yes, solar battery is certainly worth it. As solar battery will save you money on electricity bills and protect you from emergencies such as power outages.

The following are our commonly used solar energy system.

What is a solar energy system?

Home solar power systems capture sunlight through solar panels installed on the roof, and the photons in the sunlight hit the panels to generate an electric field. The electric field passes through the house’s inverter to convert direct current into alternating current, thereby providing power to the home.This process occurs dynamically. The electricity generated by solar panels is directly used by home appliances, switches, heating, etc. If there is plenty of sunshine during the day and low consumption, the excess electricity will be given to the grid.

There are a few electricity sales companies that provide counter-purchase services to solar energy customers. In this way, excess electricity can be converted into rebates and later used to offset the electricity costs when using the ordinary power grid.The advantage of this is that it saves trouble. The disadvantage is that there are not many choices, and you need to rely on a certain electricity sales company and power grid. The exact amount of money you can save needs to be carefully calculated to know.

Therefore, many families have chosen to install their own solar energy storage batteries, which can not only store excess power for use at night or when the sun is insufficient, but also have the “last laugh” when the power grid is paralyzed.

Indispensable among them is solar energy storage battery.

Types of solar energy storage batteries as bellow:

1. Lithium iron phosphate battery

This is currently the most widely used type of energy storage battery. Many mobile devices, including mobile phones and laptops, use lithium batteries. Although lithium batteries are relatively expensive, they have many advantages:

(1)Small size, light weight and high energy density: ideal for use in mobile devices

(2)Long life and no maintenance required: the life of ordinary lithium batteries can reach more than 1,200 times.

(3)Safe and fast charging: The anode of the lithium battery uses a special carbon electrode instead of the metallic lithium electrode, thus allowing fast charging.

The development of lithium battery technology in recent years has made it a reliable choice for home solar energy storage.

2. Lead-acid batteries.

Lead-acid batteries have always been an important energy storage battery since their invention in 1859. Its advantages are wide operating temperature and current range and low price. Its disadvantage is that the size and weight cannot be reduced, so it is mainly used in automobiles.

Another type of sealed valve-regulated lead-acid battery with superior performance was produced in the 1970s. It is not only moisture-proof but also charges 4 times faster than ordinary lead-acid batteries, but the price is slightly higher.

As home solar energy storage batteries, lead-acid batteries and sealed valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are cheaper and better choices due to their low storage volume requirements. As long as proper maintenance is given during use, the service life can reach 5-15 years.

Why are energy storage batteries beneficial?

1. Reduce electricity bills

Solar power plus energy storage batteries can help you further reduce your electricity bills. At night and on cloudy days, the energy storage battery releases energy to connect the periods when the solar panels cannot work.

2. Withstand blackouts

Energy storage batteries can make homes “self-sufficient” off the grid during snowstorms, storms, or other power outages. Compared with other diesel generators, solar energy and energy storage batteries provide power for a long time and are more environmentally friendly.

3. All green

Whether it is directly powered by solar energy or continuously discharged by the energy storage battery during the day and night, 100% green energy is guaranteed.

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