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How much do solar panels cost?

Prices will vary depending on your installer but also based on how many solar panels you have.

Energyhelpline.com says 12 panels should provide enough electricity for a family of four and need around 20 square meters of roof space. 

Installation for this would cost roughly £6,000, it says.

But ongoing costs are low at least. A piece of tech in the panels called an inverter will need replacing around every 25 years and should set you back around £800.

Tasha Jackson, consumer champion at the energy helpline, said: “Solar panels can be a great way to save money on your energy bill while also reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

“You can also make some money by selling any surplus electricity you generate back to your energy supplier.

“Where you live in the country does have an impact on the savings you are likely to make, so it’s worth doing a bit of research before committing to an installation.”

How much energy do solar panels produce?

How much energy your solar panels produce depends on where you are in the country, which direction your roof faces – and, of course, the weather.

Solar panels, unsurprisingly, are reliant on sunshine to operate. 

That means those living in the south of England may enjoy higher energy production than someone with solar panels in Scotland.

energy helpline estimates that a three-bedroom house in the South of England could expect to save around £400 a year if it had solar panels.

The same property in North Wales would save around £350 and in East Scotland just £300.

The Energy Saving Trust has a calculator that can help you work out how much you are likely to save. 

It takes into account factors such as your postcode, the direction of your roof, and how much of the day you are at home for. 

We looked at home in the South East of England, with a west-facing garden, owned by someone who was mostly out until 4 pm each day. 

It estimated a potential energy bill saving of £104 with an additional SEG payment of £76 a year (more on which later).

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