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Portable solar generator and its working principle

People’s daily life depends on continuous power supply, whether it is smart phones, laptops and other work equipment, or microwave ovens, air conditioners and other household appliances, all rely on electricity to run. Once the power is cut off, life will stagnate. When there is no power supply for camping and vacation travel, once the air conditioner stops running, the smartphone battery runs out, and life is miserable. At this time, the convenience of portable generators will be highlighted.

Portable Solar Generator

Generators have a long history, and there are many kinds of portable generators, such as automobiles driven by gasoline, diesel or natural gas. Although these generators provide convenience for people, they are not environmentally friendly. Persistent climate change and its impact on the Earth make it necessary for us to find sustainable alternatives to avoid damaging the Earth’s environment. This is where portable solar generators come into play.

What is a portable solar generator?

The solar generator is a device that uses solar panels to automatically provide backup power when there is no electricity. However, there are many types of solar generators, and not all portable solar generators can be used by people under any circumstances. Unlike traditional portable generators that use diesel, natural gas, or propane as fuel, solar portable generators generally include the following components.

(1) Portable solar panel: get solar energy.
(2) Rechargeable battery: It stores the energy captured by the solar panel.
(3) Charging controller: control the energy stored in the battery.
(4) Solar inverter: convert solar energy into electric energy to supply power for equipment.

Therefore, the solar power generation device is a portable battery with solar photovoltaic panels.

Portable solar generators can supply power uninterruptedly, and even enable large equipment such as laptops to operate normally for a period of time. Portable solar generators make life more comfortable and convenient, even when people are away from home and in the forest. As a result, they are becoming more and more popular.

Portable Solar Generator

How does a portable solar generator work?

The working principle of portable solar generator is mainly to convert solar energy into electric energy and store it in the battery for emergency. A professional device called “charging converter” can adjust the voltage and current to avoid overcharging the battery. The whole working process is as follows:

(1) When the solar panel receives the solar energy, it will convert it into DC power and then transmit it to the charging controller.
(2) The charging controller works by adjusting the voltage before the storage process, which lays the foundation for the next stage of operation.
(3) The battery stores an appropriate amount of electrical energy.
(4) The inverter is responsible for converting the electric energy stored in the battery into AC power supply for the operation of most electrical appliances.

Advantages of portable solar generators

(1) Free
If you take laptops, mobile phones and other devices to travel, will they still be useful once the battery runs out? If electricity is not available, these devices will become a burden.
Solar generators rely entirely on clean, renewable solar energy. In this case, the solar portable generator will convert the solar energy into electric energy to help people eliminate all kinds of inconvenience and get free electricity.
(2) Lightweight
The portable solar generator is very portable, easy to carry, and will not cause unnecessary burden for people.
(3) Security and convenience
Once the portable solar generator is installed, everything will run automatically, so you don’t need to pay much attention to how to operate the generator. In addition, as long as it has a high-quality inverter, the generator is very safe to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.
(4) General
The portable solar generator is an independent device with a wide range of applications. It can be used in rural areas, hiking, camping, heavy outdoor work, tablet computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices, as well as in construction, agriculture and power failure.
(5) Environmental protection
There is no need to worry about generating any carbon footprint. As the portable solar generator can meet the power demand by converting solar energy, there is no need to worry about the harmful substances released by running the equipment in nature.

When people go hiking or camping, portable solar generator is one of the best choices to ensure that electronic equipment is always on. Therefore, more and more people invest in this technology. In addition, with the continuous improvement of solar energy technology in the future, people may welcome more advanced solar generators.

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