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Solar street lights light up highways

The Chinese nation is a nation with a fine tradition of diligence and simplicity. The Chinese people have maintained this good style of work since ancient times. Whether it is in production labor or in daily life, this characteristic is also reflected. Always try to do everything as well as possible in the most economical way. It is because of this good idea that we know how to save energy. The energy problem is of extraordinary significance to a country with a large population like my country. With the development of the economy and the large-scale development of resources, the problem of energy shortage becomes more prominent, which affects the modernization of our country to a great extent. So far, our country still advocates a frugal style. In the major construction of the Olympic venues, the country has put forward the slogan of “holding the Olympics frugally”; on the 55th anniversary of this year’s National Day slogan. Our country is diligent and thrifty in terms of energy saving from the perspective of taking the overall situation into consideration. Saving energy reduces expenses, promotes economic growth, and protects the natural environment. It is also a prerequisite for the path of “sustainable development”, but also for our children and grandchildren.

Solar street light

At night in the city, dense and tidy street lights are lit on both sides of the highway, which looks like a giant dragon flying into the sky. Although this is a beautiful scenery, many times the light of these street lights is wasted in vain, because a large part of During the time, the roads are empty, especially in areas where the economy and transportation are not very developed. The great waste of power resources has brought negative impacts on the economy of these regions, with no benefits but all harms. So, is there an automatic control device that is convenient for pedestrians and vehicles at night and saves energy?

Saving energy means reducing energy loss as much as possible. On remote highways, there is very little traffic flow. Turning on street lights for a long time, whether there are vehicles or no vehicles, pedestrians or no pedestrians, will cause a great waste of energy. Even if there are vehicles passing by, all road lights should not be turned on, only street lights should be turned on within the effective range of vehicles, otherwise what a huge loss it will cause! The same is true for pedestrians walking on the road. Street lights should only be turned on within the corresponding range of pedestrians to meet the needs of lighting. This problem can be analogized to the common voice-activated switch. As long as someone walks in the stairwell and makes a sound, the vibration generated by the sound is transmitted to the voice-activated switch, and the light will turn on, and only the light within the walking range of the pedestrian will turn on, not for a long time. immortal. Get inspiration from this, when vehicles and pedestrians pass on the road, don’t they put pressure on the road? If there is a sensor that can automatically control the switch under the action of pressure, and control the on and off of the lights within the corresponding range, this will achieve the purpose of saving energy.

Solar street light

Then this sensor cannot be controlled by the air vibration generated by the sound, but by the road vibration generated by the impact and pressure of vehicles and pedestrians on the road. These two types of vibration are different, otherwise it will be wrong. Maybe it was the sound of animals, and the noise from the road turned on the lights, which also failed to achieve the purpose of saving energy. If the noise from vehicles and pedestrians is very small, the lights will not turn on? Then it is useless and useless. The driving of cars and the walking of pedestrians will naturally produce impact and pressure on the ground, causing the road surface to vibrate. This can use the vibration of the road surface to control whether the street lights are on or off. If there is such a device: it can be installed in the light box of the street lamp, and each device is connected to the road surface with a metal rod. When the road surface is subjected to shock and pressure and vibrates, the corresponding street lamp will light up. Where there are vehicles or pedestrians, Wherever the light will come on, the vibration will stop, and the light will automatically turn off within a certain time limit. This device uses the vibration generated by impact and pressure to control the street light, which can play a good role in saving energy. Of course, in order to reduce the number of installations, multiple street lights can be controlled by such a device, and the devices are connected in parallel in a circuit, that is, one is installed every other distance, and then the device is connected to the corresponding street lights through wires. connect them. We might as well name it “vibration sensor” first. Let’s take a look at the working principle of the “vibration sensor”: first of all, the metal rod is used to sense whether there is vibration on the road. When a car or a pedestrian passes on a certain road section and exerts a pressure impact on the road surface and generates vibration, the metal rod transmits the vibration to the “vibration sensor”, and the “vibration sensor” is stimulated by the vibration and commands the several controlled by it. The closed switch of a street light turns on; vehicles and pedestrians continue to pass through the next road section, and the “vibration sensor” of the next road section is also stimulated by the vibration to make the corresponding street light turn on, and so on. At the same time, the “vibration sensor” of the road section that vehicles and pedestrians pass through will turn off the switch because it does not continue to receive the vibration information transmitted to it by the metal rod, and will no longer make the corresponding street lights continue to emit light. However, this “shock sensor” is required to have high sensitivity and be able to identify the source of vibration. For example, in special circumstances, in the case of lightning weather or the high-decibel sound produced by the factory, the air will vibrate violently, and it will also be transmitted to the “vibration sensor” through the metal rod. The “vibration sensor” mistakenly thinks that the vibration is transmitted from the road. Make street lights glow.

Solar street light

Well, as long as this “vibration sensor” is installed on the road with street lights, there is no need for a lot of manpower to control the power supply, and all the work will be handed over to the machine for automatic control. We can imagine that as cars or pedestrians pass by on the road, the scene of the street lights glowing and extinguishing one after another is dazzling and overwhelming. Isn’t it a unique and beautiful scenery at night? While facilitating traffic, the biggest advantage is that it greatly saves energy.

This “vibration sensor” is designed to save energy. It is hoped that this device can be applied in practice and play a huge role. While we are developing the economy, we must not neglect the importance of protecting energy, saving energy and taking the road of sustainable development have become the consensus of mankind.

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