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The Best Wind Power System

As we all know, the demand for new energy is very large all over the world. The current new energy products include: solar system, wind power system, container energy storage, solar tracker, wind and solar hybrid system and so on. Let me introduce the wind power generation system to you today.

wind power generation

A wind turbine is a power device that converts wind energy into mechanical work, which drives the rotor to rotate, and finally outputs alternating current. Wind turbines are generally composed of components such as wind rotors, generators (including devices), steering devices (tail fins), towers, speed-limiting safety mechanisms, and energy storage devices. The working principle of a wind turbine is relatively simple. The wind rotor rotates under the action of the wind, which converts the kinetic energy of the wind into the mechanical energy of the wind rotor shaft, and the generator rotates to generate electricity under the drive of the wind rotor shaft.

Wind power generation is the main form of wind energy utilization, which is safe, clean, abundant and continuous. The rapid development of wind power generation has attracted the attention of countries all over the world.

Wind power operation mode 1: independent operation mode It belongs to small wind power generation, such as household type, a small wind power generator supplies power to one or several households, and uses batteries to store electricity to ensure power consumption when there is no wind.

Wind power operation mode 2: Combined operation mode Usually refers to the combination of wind power generation and diesel engine power generation to supply power for a building or a village or unit.

Wind power operation mode 3: integrated into the power grid for operation Wind power is integrated into the conventional power grid to provide power to a large power grid, usually consisting of dozens or even hundreds of wind turbines.

wind power generation

The most important components in a wind power generation system are wind turbines and generators. The wind turbine revolves around the variable pitch adjustment technology, while the generator revolves around the variable speed and constant frequency power generation technology. These two technologies are the core technologies of wind power generation. The wind turbine captures wind energy through the impeller, converts the wind energy into mechanical kinetic energy, and realizes the mechanical rotation of the hub. The variable pitch adjustment method can adjust the angle between the windward surface of the blade and the multi-directional rotation axis, which affects the force and resistance of the blade, and ensures the increase and constant output power of the fan in strong winds. The variable pitch adjustment method is adopted, and the fan power output curve is smooth. When the wind speed is below the rated wind speed, the controller sets the blade angle of attack near zero without changing it, which is approximately equivalent to the adjustment of constant pitch. When the wind speed is above the rated wind speed, the pitch control structure takes effect to adjust the angle of attack of the blades and control the output power near the rated value. The starting speed of the variable pitch wind turbine is lower than that of the fixed pitch wind turbine, and the transmission of impact stress is relatively moderate when it stops. During normal operation, power control is mainly used. In practical applications, power is proportional to the cube of wind speed. Small changes in wind speed result in large changes in wind energy. Because the impact of the variable pitch adjustment wind turbine is much smaller than that of other wind turbines, the material usage rate can be reduced and the overall weight can be reduced. Moreover, the variable-pitch adjustable wind turbine can maintain a good angle of attack for the blades at low wind speeds, and has better energy output than the stall-adjustable wind turbine, so it is more suitable for installation in areas with low average wind speeds.

wind power generation

Benefits of wind energy:

Friendly to the environment – reducing carbon dioxide emissions and alleviating climate change are the most important benefits of wind power generation. Also, there are no pollutants from other fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Achieve energy balance – a wind turbine with a life span of 20 years only produces some carbon dioxide three to six months after it is produced, installed and put into service, and there will be no environmental costs for the next 19 years or so.

Fast installation – It takes weeks to build a wind farm, and the process involves large cranes installing turbine towers, engine rooms and blades on reinforced concrete foundations.

Reliable and Renewable Resource – Wind drives turbines at no cost and is not affected by fossil fuel prices. Wind power also doesn’t need to be mined, drilled or transported to power stations like fossil fuels. The cost of wind power is falling as world fossil fuel prices rise.

Moreover, in some large-scale projects, the availability rate of medium-sized generators reaches as high as 98%, that is to say, only 2% is used for maintenance, which is far superior to the performance of conventional power plants.

wind power generation

Disadvantages of wind energy:

The wind speed is unstable, and the energy generated is unstable;
The use of wind energy is severely restricted by geographical location;
The conversion efficiency of wind energy is low;
Wind energy is a new type of energy, and the corresponding equipment is not very mature.
It is suitable to use wind power to generate electricity in places with relatively open terrain and few obstacles or places with high terrain.

Current status of wind power technology development:

It is a technology that converts wind energy into electrical energy through wind turbines. At present, my country’s wind power generation equipment can achieve good power conversion and storage, and the loss rate of power transportation is low. However, as far as my country’s current wind power technology and scale are concerned, the full utilization of wind power resources has not yet been realized. Especially in some poor areas with rich wind resources, it may be difficult to make full use of wind resources due to difficult construction and technical limitations, resulting in waste of resources. In 2019, my country’s newly added wind power grid-connected resources reached 794 watts and kilowatts, and the increase trend is very impressive. At present, my country’s new wind power loading capacity and cumulative loading capacity have long been ranked first in the world. Wind power generation accounts for 5% of the total power generation, and the diameter of wind rotors is gradually increasing. It can be seen that my country’s wind power generation has achieved certain achievements.

Wind energy is a renewable and clean energy. The effective use of wind energy can reduce the excessive consumption of traditional energy and non-renewable energy. Therefore, vigorously developing wind power generation technology is of great significance to the implementation of my country’s energy-saving and emission-reduction policies. In the actual application process of wind power technology, the staff should pay attention to the refined design in combination with the actual local wind conditions, actively introduce modern information technology, improve the scientific nature of wind power generation, make full use of my country’s wind resources, and promote my country’s wind power generation. Technology has reached a new level.

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