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Container Energy Storage System (CESS) Introduction

Container energy storage system (CESS) is an integrated energy storage system developed for the needs of mobile energy storage market. It internally integrates energy storage Inverter called Power Converter System (PCS), battery cabinet with LFP battery pack, Battery Management System (BMS), Energy Management System (EMS), energy storage converter, air conditioning system, fire protectioning system, access control system,monitoring system and Centralized data for interface display.

Container energy storage system collected the source and load power information (wind, light and power grid as sources); The power side is load). Execute power grid dispatching and cloud server dispatching command. Optimize the charging and discharging behavior of Container Energy Storage system and then prolong the service life of the battery.

According to different application scenarios of container energy storage system, the energy storage strategies on user side and power generation side can be selected.

Generation side mode: Frequency Modulation, Response Scheduling, Power Smoothing, etc.

Power consumption side mode: Frequency Modulation, Peak And Valley Regulation, Demand Control, Power Smoothing, etc.

The Container Energy Storage System has the characteristics of simplified infrastructure construction cost, short construction cycle, high degree of modularization and easy transportation and installation. It can be applied to power stations such as thermal power, wind energy and solar energy or applications such as islands, communities, schools, scientific research institutions, factories and large load centers.

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