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Why Should We develop Container Energy Storage System (CESS)

With the rapid development of global industry, the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more serious. In order to reduce the impact of non-renewable resources (coal, oil, etc.) on the environment; All countries are exploring the utilization and development of renewable and clean energy. Solar energy and wind energy are recognized as the most easily available cheap renewable energy in the world. Each country is accelerating its R&D and utilization in order to occupy the commanding heights of new energy in the future.

In order to improve the efficient utilization of clean energy, a miniaturized, movable, and integrated container energy storage system has officially entered people’s vision; Container energy storage system can carry out industrialized production and has the characteristics of strong environmental adaptability, simple installation, and high scalability. At present, more and more container energy storage systems are being transported all over the country. Container energy storage system is internally integrated energy storage Inverter called Power Converter System (PCS), battery cabinet with LFP battery pack, Battery Management System (BMS), Energy Management System (EMS), energy storage converter, air conditioning system, fire protection system, access control system, monitoring system, and Centralized data for interface display, and is finally integrated into one or more containers.

At present, container energy storage systems have been widely used in large-scale infrastructure projects (such as highway construction, railway construction, tunnel construction, etc.). The reason why we attach importance to the convenience of container energy storage systems is to give priority to its efficient power storage project. Compared with the traditional fixed energy storage power station, the container energy storage system allows ocean and road transportation, has strong mobility, and is not limited by region. With the continuous breakthrough of battery technology in the future, the cost of container energy storage systems is expected to be greatly reduced, and the prospect is worth looking forward to.

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