Lithium battery container energy storage system

The significance of lithium battery container energy storage system in the market layout. Energy storage is a key supporting technology for energy structure adjustment and power system transformation and upgrading under the new energy wave. Lithium battery container energy storage solutions are widely used in large-scale new energy power generation access and consumption, distributed power generation and micro-grid, power system frequency regulation and voltage regulation, black start, delaying the upgrading of user distribution systems, and improving power supply reliability and power quality.

Lithium battery container energy storage system1

The significance of lithium battery container energy storage system in market layout

The total amount of container energy storage is very large, which is a strong support and foundation for energy Internet, smart grid and future power reform. The container energy storage device integrates lithium iron phosphate battery pack, battery management system, energy storage cabinet, and communication monitoring equal to one standard unit. The standard unit has an independent power supply system, temperature control system, heat insulation system, flame retardant system, fire Alarm system, safety escape system, emergency system, fire protection system and other automatic control and security systems.

Lithium battery container energy storage system is based on advanced lithium battery technology, equipped with standardized converter equipment and monitoring management system. It is suitable for multiple links of power generation, transmission, distribution, power consumption and dispatching of the power system, and realizes various applications such as renewable energy power generation improvement, peak regulation and frequency regulation, demand side response, AC and DC microgrids, etc.

Lithium battery container energy storage system2

The containerized lithium battery energy storage system is based on a 40-foot standard container, and the lithium iron phosphate battery system, PCS, BMS, EMS, air conditioning system, fire protection system, power distribution system, etc. are concentrated in a special box to achieve high integration. It is a high-speed, large-capacity, movable energy storage device with the characteristics of heat insulation, constant temperature, fire retardant, wind and sand protection, etc., which can meet the use in complex environments.

The container lithium battery energy storage system has the functions of being movable, flexible, expandable, and detachable, and has certain practical value from both a commercial and technical point of view. Its main features are as follows:

Lithium battery container energy storage system3

1. Modularity: The lithium battery container integrates a complete energy storage system equipment, and has a standard size in appearance, which is convenient for sea and land transportation. It can be lifted by a crane, suitable for loading and unloading of ships, trucks and placement sites, and can be quickly installed, put into operation and retrofitted.

2. Flexible interface: The power, communication and other interfaces of the container lithium battery energy storage system adopt standardized design, which is suitable for any access requirements, such as the access of air conditioners, photovoltaics, fans, power cables and other equipment.

3. Good protection: The container itself has a stable structure and good sealing performance, which can be dustproof, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, protect the internal equipment and facilities during transportation, and provide good protection during the life of the lithium battery energy storage system. , protected from weather, transportation and other environments.

4. Mobility: Compared with other energy storage lithium batteries, lithium batteries have high energy density, strong mobility, no geographical restrictions, and are easy to load, unload and transport.

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Technical advantages of lithium battery container energy storage system

●High-performance iron-lithium battery: high safety, strong reliability, long cycle life, optional active/passive balanced BMS

Modular design: battery modules support high-voltage series and parallel connection, flexible battery capacity configuration, and a variety of PCS power options

Integrated integration: standardized monitoring and management system, intelligent dynamic ring system (fire protection, alarm, temperature and humidity detection)

●Flexible operation mode: supports grid-connected and off-grid operation modes, can be switched seamlessly, and a variety of auxiliary functions can be invoked

●Perfect battery protection strategies and fault isolation measures to ensure the safe application of energy storage systems

●It can be flexibly used with photovoltaic, wind power, diesel engine, power grid, etc. to form a large-capacity, multi-purpose smart energy storage power station

Summary: The containerized lithium battery energy storage system solution brings benefits to enterprises, provides stable income for investors, provides action support for the stable development of national power, and meets the energy storage needs of users at all levels.

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