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Wind-solar hybrid power generation

Because independent wind power and photovoltaics cannot guarantee the continuous supply of electric energy under climatic conditions such as no wind and rainy days, for remote areas without power grids, the use of wind power or photovoltaics alone requires a considerable capacity of energy storage equipment. Therefore, the use of wind and solar complementary After the power generation technology, through the effective combination of solar cells, wind turbines and batteries, it can effectively solve the problem of single power generation discontinuity and ensure a basically stable power supply. Wind-solar hybrid power generation technology is mainly used in the following fields in my country.

Wind and solar power generation 1

1. Electricity for living and production in rural areas without electricity

China’s 800 million people currently live in rural areas, of which about 5% do not yet have access to electricity. In China, villages without electricity are often located in areas rich in wind and solar energy, so there is great potential to use wind-solar hybrid power generation systems to solve electricity problems. The adoption of the standardized wind-solar hybrid power generation system is conducive to accelerating the economic development of these regions and improving their economic level. In addition, the use of wind-solar hybrid systems to develop abundant renewable energy can provide the most suitable and cheapest power services for the rural population in remote areas, and promote the sustainable development of remote areas.

The centralized power supply system that has been built in my country using renewable energy to operate independently only provides electricity for lighting and living, and cannot or does not operate productive loads, which makes the economical operation of the system poor. To make the centralized power supply system independently operated by renewable energy operate economically and sustainably, it involves the ownership of the system, the management mechanism, the electricity tariff standard, the management of productive loads, and the source, quantity and distribution channels of government subsidy funds. But this sustainable development model has far-reaching significance for all developing countries including China.

solar energy generation

2. Application of LED outdoor lighting

The power consumption of outdoor lighting projects in the world accounts for about 12% of the global power generation. In the context of the increasingly tense energy and environmental protection in the world, the energy-saving work of wind-solar hybrid LED lighting technology has increasingly attracted worldwide attention. The basic principle of wind-solar hybrid LED lighting system is: solar energy and wind energy in complementary form charge the battery intelligently through the controller, and automatically turn on and off various LED outdoor lighting fixtures at night according to the intensity of light. The intelligent controller has the function of wireless network communication, and can realize three remote management (telemetry, remote signaling, remote control) with the background computer. The intelligent controller also has a powerful artificial intelligence function, which can implement advanced computer three-remote management for the entire lighting project (the running status of the lighting fixtures and the fault and anti-theft alarm). LED outdoor lighting projects mainly include:

(1) Vehicle road lighting project (expressway, main road, secondary main road, branch road).

(2) Urban and residential lighting projects (community street lamps, garden lamps, lawn lamps, buried lamps, wall lamps, etc.).

At present, the new energy and new light source outdoor lighting projects that have been developed include: wind-solar complementary LED intelligent street lights, wind-solar complementary LED residential road lighting projects, wind-solar complementary LED landscape lighting projects, wind-solar complementary LED intelligent tunnel lighting projects.

3. Application on navigation aids

Solar photovoltaic power generation systems have been applied to navigation marks in some areas of our country, especially lighthouses, but there are also some problems. The most prominent one is insufficient solar power generation under continuous bad weather conditions, which is easy to cause battery over-discharge and lights out, affecting the use of batteries. performance.

Bad weather is often accompanied by strong winds, that is to say, the weather conditions that are not ideal for solar power generation are often the time when wind energy is most abundant. Replace the traditional solar power generation system. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system has the characteristics of environmental protection, no pollution, maintenance-free, convenient installation and use, etc., and meets the requirements of navigation mark energy application. In the case that the solar energy configuration meets the energy supply in spring and summer, the wind-solar hybrid power generation system is not activated; in winter and spring or in the case of continuous rainy weather and poor solar power generation, the wind-solar hybrid power generation system is activated.

solar energy

4. Power supply for highway monitoring equipment

At present, highway road cameras usually run uninterrupted for 24 hours, and use the traditional mains power system. Although the power is not large, it will consume a lot of power because of the large number. Using the traditional power system is not conducive to energy saving; and because the camera power supply The cables are often stolen and the loss is huge, which greatly increases the use and maintenance costs, and increases the operating costs of expressway business units.

Due to the multi-line length of the expressway monitoring system, the use of traditional public power grids is not only difficult to construct, but also expensive to support. At present, the cost of solar photovoltaic power generation is relatively high, and the cost of wind energy is relatively low. The complementarity between the two has its advantages for power-consuming occasions such as highway monitoring systems with long points and multiple lines and power shortage places far from the grid. unique advantage.

The application of wind-solar hybrid power generation system to provide power for road surveillance cameras not only saves energy, but also does not require laying cables, reducing the possibility of theft. However, in some areas of our country, there will be severe weather conditions, such as continuous rainy weather, less sunshine, and the wind power cannot reach the wind power of the wind turbine to start the wind power, and the phenomenon of continuous power supply may not occur. At this time, the original mains line can be used. When the wind energy is insufficient, the battery is automatically charged to ensure the normal operation of the system. Because each monitoring point is an independent power supply system, even if a power supply failure occurs at one monitoring point, it will not affect the normal operation of other monitoring points in the system.


5. Application in communication base station

At present, many domestic islands, mountainous areas and other places are far away from the power grid, but due to the communication needs of local tourism, fishery, navigation and other industries, it is necessary to establish communication base stations. The electricity load of these base stations is not large. If the mains power supply is used, the cost of erecting poles and wiring is very high; if the diesel engine is used for power supply, there are problems of high diesel storage and transportation costs, difficult system maintenance, and low reliability.

To solve the problem of long-term stable and reliable power supply, we can only rely on local natural resources. As inexhaustible renewable resources, solar energy and wind energy are quite abundant in islands. In addition, solar energy and wind energy are highly complementary in time and region. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system is reliable and economical. The independent power supply system is suitable for power supply of communication base stations. Since the base station has base station maintenance personnel, the system can be equipped with diesel generators for use when solar and wind power generation is insufficient. In this way, the capacity of the solar cell array and the wind turbine in the system can be reduced, thereby reducing the system cost and increasing the reliability of the system.

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6. Application in pumped storage power station

The wind-solar hybrid pumped-storage power station uses wind and solar power to generate electricity, directly drives the water pump to achieve pumped storage without batteries, and then uses the stored water to achieve stable power generation. This energy development method combines traditional water energy with wind energy and solar energy, and utilizes the differences in the spatial and temporal distribution of the three energy sources to achieve complementary development. . The development of wind-solar hybrid pumped-storage power station meets at least the following two conditions:

(1) The three energy sources should maintain energy conservation during the energy conversion process.

(2) The water volume of the self-circulating system constituted by the pumping system is kept in balance.

Although the cost of electricity is slightly higher than that of hydropower stations, it can solve the problem that small hydropower stations cannot generate electricity in winter in some areas. Therefore, the multi-energy complementary development method of wind-solar hybrid pumped-storage power stations has unique technical and economic advantages, which can be used as certain conditions to meet the requirements. regional energy utilization programs.

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