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Solar energy doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated.

Solar dealer

A company that sells solar equipment to homeowners, businesses, and other organizations; may sell products from one or many manufacturers and may also provide installation and maintenance services.
CDS solar is looking for distributors all over the world.

Solar design

The layout and orientation of a solar system, optimized for maximum energy production based on roof or land characteristics, the angle of the sun, shading, climate, and aesthetic appeal.
CDS solar provides free design services to customers all over the world. You are welcome to consult coo@cds-solar.com

Thin-film solar

PV solar technology constructed with very thin layers of PV material to create lightweight, often flexible sheets of solar energy-producing modules. Thin-film solar is generally cheaper and more versatile than conventional solar panels, but it is also less efficient and degrades more quickly over time.

Solar installer

An expert or company that specializes in delivering and physically installing solar equipment on buildings and homes.
CDS solar is an EPC company. We will be responsible for the design, commissioning and installation guidance of your solar power plant project.

Zero net energy

Zero net energy (ZNE) (also referred to as net-zero energy) identifies homes or buildings that generate as much energy as they consume, usually via a combination of green building techniques that include a solar energy system.

Solar shingles (or tiles)

Thin-film photovoltaic strips or tiles that can be applied directly to roofing cloth, just like regular roofing shingles. These solar shingles capture sunlight and convert it to electricity but do so less efficiently.

Solar panel contractors

Construction professionals who are specially trained to install solar equipment.
CDS solar is an EPC company. We will be responsible for the design, commissioning, and installation guidance of your solar power plant project.

Solar panel cleaning

Rooftop home solar panels usually are naturally cleaned by seasonal rains or melting snow, but the excessive build-up of dirt or debris can reduce efficiency. Panels can be sprayed off when they’re cool (in the early morning or evening) with a garden hose and gently wiped with a soft sponge or cloth – or owners can hire a cleaning professional for the job. CDS solar uses robots to clean large-scale solar ground-mounted solar systems more quickly and with less water than manually cleaning methods.
CDS solar has our own factory of cleaning robots. You are welcome to consult coo@cds-solar.com

Solar monitoring

Specialized software used to track and manage energy generation and usage, billing, carbon offsets, and more; can be accessed via a mobile device, home computer, or a remote operations center.


Professional solar system design software can output solar power generation reports.
CDS solar provides free design services and PV SYSTEM REPORT to customers all over the world. You are welcome to consult coo@cds-solar.com


Professional solar system design layout can understand the layout and floor area
CDS solar provides free design services and LAYOUT to customers all over the world. You are welcome to consult coo@cds-solar.com

Solar panel efficiency

The percentage of sunlight that solar panels can convert to electricity. The first solar panels had about 6 percent efficiency. SunPower solar panels have the world record for efficiency of commercially available panels — 22.8 percent1, but a panel we recently developed in the lab was verified at 24.1 percent efficiency 2. Solar panel efficiency matters because high-efficiency panels can generate more power in less space over time than conventional panels, so you need fewer panels to get a higher return on your investment.

Solar carports

Solar panel arrays that are raised above parking lots to provide both shade and energy production.

Renewable energy

Energy generated from sources that naturally continually renew themselves, such as sunlight, wind, geothermal heat, or tidal movement.

Operations and maintenance (O&M)

The ongoing operational needs of a solar system, including cleaning, repairs, replacement of parts, bill management, and so on; primarily refers to larger-scale commercial and utility-scale solar systems.
CDS solar is an EPC company. We will be responsible for after sell service of your solar power plant project.

Net metering

When a grid-tied solar system produces more energy than is needed, the excess power is sent to the electrical grid to be redistributed where it’s needed. This is called “back feeding” the grid. At night, the grid will provide conventionally created power for the solar customer’s use. A net meter records the energy sent compared to the energy received from the grid and credits or charges the user according to local rates and rules.

Interconnection agreement

A contract between the homeowner and the local utility allowing the homeowner to connect their solar power system to the electric grid. In some areas, this enables the homeowner to receive a credit on their electricity bill from the utility for any surplus electricity their solar power system generates.

Electrical (or electric or utility) grid

The interconnected network of equipment that delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers. Often called “the grid,” this infrastructure is made up of generating stations that produce electrical power; high-voltage transmission lines that carry power from distant sources to demand centers; and distribution lines that connect individual customers to the system. In other words, the poles and wires that transport electricity from where it’s made to your home or business.


When referring to a solar cell or a solar panel, efficiency refers to the percentage of sunlight captured and converted into usable electricity.

Balance of system (BOS)

All of the other physical parts that make up a solar system outside of the panels: inverters, wiring, mounting hardware, monitoring system.


Multiple solar cells make up a solar panel, and multiple panels can be wired together to form a solar array. The more panels you install, the more energy you can expect to generate, but depending on the efficiency of your panels, you may be able to make the same amount of energy with fewer panels.

Alternative energy

Energy generated in ways that are less harmful to the environment because they are not as dependent on finite natural resources, particularly fossil fuels such as oil, coal or natural gas. Examples are solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric.

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